House Rules

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From the beginning of my roleplaying days, it has always been understood that the reason we come together is to have fun and socialize. Gaming may or may not occur. The game is simply a vehicle for that fun and socialization. I will always put having a good time with my friends over any game, no matter how engaging the game is.

I know, however, that if at least some sense of progress is not felt each session, it can feel like a waste of time to some. So, to that end, I’d like to codify all of the departures from the normal rules of gameplay, as well as some “behavioral” guidelines. The house rules here primarily come from suggestions from players over the years: suggestions I’ve considered and agreed with.

Gameplay House Rules

1. When rolling stats using PC Gen, select the Purchase mode: Epic Fantasy (25). Be sure to check with me, I may want to boost them a little more depending on allocations and to align with character concept.

2. All player characters get a bonus feat: Heroic Character: (+20 HP)

Behavior House Rules

1. Please minimize non-game activity at the table. Examples include If you must make calls, etc., please leave the table momentarily. This not only reduces the distractions to everyone at the table, it provides an incentive to get back to the table to play! The goal here is to foster active participation, not to be a tyrant.

2. Alas, your humble DM is prone to tangents. Bonuses will be given when you see the DM derailing and prevent it. I always feel I’ve cheated the players after the game by my never-ending anecdotes.

House Rules

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