Session #7 - Maggots Galore

(or how NOT to keep your clothes clean)

In attendance:
Tharros, Elven Psion Telepath (played by Tim R)
Hoagus Scrumbleright, Dwarven Cleric (played by William A)
Sudein, Human Druid (played by Kyle S)
Pickles, Orc Fighter (played by Ron V)
Zig, Human Gunslinger (played my Chris M)
Garros, Aasimar Ranger (played by John T)

As the party headed east, a clearing in the woods appeared to the south of the road. This clearing appeared in a dip in the road, and formed a natural bog or small swampy area. in this bog writhed a multitude of giant maggots.

After a short discussion, it was decided that the trip to Carrion Hill could be delayed, as this constituted a threat, and must be dealt with.

The party ended up destroying many of the foul creatures at range. They also fought the giant horsefly that landed suddenly by the party. By various means, they ended up dispatching the entire hoard without taking any damage – from the enemy, that is…

Tharros slipped on some maggot entrails that splattered there by the druids “Batnado” a swirling swarm of bats wreaking havoc on the maggots. Once the maggots were dispatched, the horsefly appeared. After it was grievously wounded by a potshot from Zig, Tharros slipped just as he was causing a deadly bolt of energy to fly out to incinerate the dying horsefly. His aim, unfortunately, went awry, and squarely hit the gorilla, Phil, faithful companion of the druid, Sudein. It was the first time Phil was hit and damaged by anyone…or anything.

Phil was immediately taken care of, and healed. Tharros apologized, and Phil seemed to forgive him.

The party continued on, not knowing what to expect next on this journey, but it certainly would not be good…



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