The physical characteristics of Skarr

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First off, Skarr is a massive world, more comparable in size to Jupiter than to Earth, although Skarr is a solid, rocky world like Earth. Theories are that either Skarr consists of much lighter elements on the whole, or that Skarr is a bubble of some sort, with a large hollow inner space. The truth of this conjecture is untested, and unknown at present.

Although life has created what would be considered normal organic soil in the bottom of the craters, the crater walls and spires are composed of dense igneous rock, black and smooth as glass (probably obsidian). These height of the crater walls are roughly 1% of the diameter (100 mile diameter, 1 mile high crater wall… 3000 mile diameter, 30 mile high crater wall). Spires also follow the same formula, and are all roughly one mile in diameter. Some of the spires did not form, and some have collapsed or eroded over time.

The walls are high enough that they penetrate the atmosphere in most cases, preventing any airborne life from escaping.

Mana itself is a remarkable material. It’s uses are so varied, we may never learn them all. Plants grown with powdered Mana in the soil have unusual properties, as do animals that drink from Mana infused pools. It seems to have an unknown accelerating effect on the mutations and evolution of all life.

The physical characteristics of Skarr

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