Session #8 - Overcoming the Warped Wall

In attendance:
Tharros, Elven Psion Telepath (played by Tim Roussel)
Sudein, Human Druid (played by Kyle Summers)
Phil, Gorilla/Superhero (played by Kyle Summers)
Riley, Human Rogue (played by Danielle Landry)

Continuing on with the journey, the party was finishing their search for treasure in the maggot gore that lay about. They stumbled up on Riley, a human Rogue who greeted the party, but wanted to keep her distance from the foul smelling maggot stench. After Tharros and Sudein turned on the charm a bit, Riley all but reluctantly followed.

Upon the journey to east toward Carrion Hill, Sudein noticed a shimmer of the path in the forest. After…..



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