Session #5 - Spiders in the woods

(or how NOT to light the path in the woods with your familiar)

The night began with a character swap, with many ducking out and a few new faces. Jeff Bacon showed up with a new Barbarian, as did Tim Roussel. Kyle Summers presented his druid (with gorilla companion), and John Townsend debuted his Wizard and Capuchin monkey familiar.

The party continued east, towards Carrion Hill, still ten days away. As night fell, they entered a forest of gnarled, Dutch Elm diseased mighty trees. The effect was very creepy. The road the party was on led straight into the darkness under the twisted and evil-looking trees. The party balked, looking for alternatives. None being found, The wizard used his monkey familiar to scamper down the path, casting light spells on trees as he went, while everyone else waited. About 100 feet down the path, the monkey suddenly disappeared. Even the druid, using his detect animal power, could not sense him, which boded ill. As the party started to slowly and cautiously proceed down the path, the druid’s ape tugged on his armor.

“What is it boy?” the Druid asked his companion, the ape.
“Little brother hurt… Smell little brother’s blood,” the ape responded.

As different attempts to discover what happened occurred, it was noticed that the ninja was missing. Then everyone saw what happened next: The Barbarian, stepping near an old rotten gnarled tree, was snatched inside in the blink of an eye! What grabbed him was almost a blur, but it was huge, and had many legs!

It was subsequently deduced that a giant trap-door spider had grabbed the monkey, the ninja, and the barbarian. As an all out assault on the spider’s lair was commencing, the wizard, ducking around the back side of the tree away from the others, was yanked into the sky unexpectedly. This attack came from a giant web-slinging tree spider!

Everyone fought valiantly, except the wizard, who simply out-clevered his opponent by jumping off of a tree branch 60 feet off the ground, and casting featherfall on the way down. The spiders were dispatched, people were healed, and most importantly, treasure was found.

Here is the highly anticipated list of what was found in the trap-door spider’s lair…

1) (non-magical masterwork), Armor, Splint Mail : 350gp – Crag Hack
2) (non-magical masterwork), Shield, light steel : 159gp – Crag Hack
3) Alchemist’s lab 200 gp [185%, Exceptional Quality] : 370gp
4) Crossbow, repeating heavy 400 gp [69.25%, Very Cheap Quality] : 277gp
5) Lock, Good 80 gp [96.25%, Low Quality] : 77gp
6) Chainmail Armor 150 gp [124.67%, Fine Quality] : 187gp – Crag Hack
7) Ink (1 oz. vial) 8 gp [75%, Cheap Quality] : 6gp
8) Buckler 15 gp [86.67%, Low Quality] : 13gp
9) Saddle, Riding 10 gp [Standard Quality] : 10gp
10) Scholar’s outfit 5 gp [Standard Quality] : 5gp
11) Whip 1 gp [Standard Quality] : 1gp
12) Sap 1 gp [Standard Quality] : 1gp
13) Potion, blur : 300gp – Crag Hack
14) Potion, resist energy, sonic : 300gp
15) Potion, gaseous form : 750gp – Crag Hack
16) Potion, protection from good : 50gp
17) Weapon (non-magical masterwork), Starknife: 324gp
18) Weapon (non-magical masterwork), Dart: 300gp

Gems and Jewels Breakdown

Coral 62gp
Chrysoprase 29gp
Lapis lazuli 4gp
Deep green spinel 66gp
Lapis lazuli 9gp
Carnelian 44gp
Jade 64gp
Garnet Ring 27gp
Blue quartz 8gp
Blue quartz 6gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz) 37gp
Chrysoprase 46gp

Coins Breakdown

pp: 2
gp: 30
sp: 130
cp: 400

Treasure Value
+ Gems & Jewels(453gp)
+ Coins(67gp)
= 4000gp


1. Make sure your character sheet is on the portal and is current.
2. Edit this wiki post, adding your character link next to whatever it is that you want. (not saying you got it, just assigning your preferences) Use the character link button just to the right of the edit pane. If you need help, let me know. If you cannot edit, also let me know.
3. Before the next session begins, once we are all around the table, we will divide stuff up. I will arbitrate any conflicts that arise.
4. Add those items to the character sheet on the portal. then we can play. If we can get this done prior to the game night, via email, for example, that’s even better.

XP Awards:
Everyone is ridiculously close to 5th level. One more session should put you guys over the top. So let’s hold off on individual awards for now.



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