Origin of Skarr

Origin of Skarr

In the early 90’s I was in the United States Air Force. I had lots of time on my hands, and many of my friends and I played D&D to pass the time. These were weekend-long sessions, with breaks to eat, and periodic showers and changes of clothes (albeit hurried). It was a much needed escape from some pretty grim reality happening around us. This made it all the more precious, and floods of nostalgia always come when I think of my first “great” D&D group; Ron and Melany Ethridge, Todd Gehris, Rob Corra and Rob Fish, Scott Morgan (I’ll never forgive you for killing my character the first hour in your game by a drow ambush I had no way of knowing about, Scott), and all the rest. Ron, Mel, and Todd were the core, the others faded in and out. Tomb of Horrors, Greyhawk Ruins, and many extemporaneous sessions made about four years of our lives brighter… Okay, enough of that.

I used a closeup topological map of the moon as the basis for the map. I simply added oceans and slowly raised the water level to the point where two distinct land masses stood out from the rest. Much was modified, but that is the origin of the world map of Skarr.

I created this world in an attempt, albeit cheesy, to create a solipsistic D&D Multiverse. I wanted Mordenkainen and Rary to meet with Raistlin and Elminster. Spelljamming was an original attempt to create a D&D metaverse, but it was rejected as too “out there”. After looking at the Spelljamming method of bridging campaign worlds, and after reading Larry Niven’s “Ringworld” (for the umteenth time), I decided to give it a shot. This is the result. It is not complete. Also, this was the starting point for this endeavor, and as larger and larger changes were made, some of the original intent was lost. I simply thought you guys would like to know the origin of this windmill I’ve been tilting at for twenty years now.

In order to flesh out this campaign setting, I am using the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Book as a template. No content, just the framework to hang all of our own content on.

Now, this world has morphed into an endpoint, not a bridge. The Intro module can be easily adapted for almost any campaign world, not limited to just high-fantasy… D&D Modern, Steampunk, and other such campaigns could also have parties land in the world of Skarr, much to the same effect. It is a new world, a new time. Starting over is not optional.



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