Session #4 - Feast, standing stones, and a baby Owlbear

(or curiosity hurts)

The session picks up shortly after the killing of the two bullettes. Villagers BBQ’d the beasts and the village treated the party to a triumphant feast. Wine, women and song was plentiful.

The next day, the party left (with extra provisions) and headed east to the city of Carrion Hill (roughly two weeks away).

As the party marched east, night began to fall just as the party left the forest. As preparations for camp were being made, someone spotted a group of hooded and robed figures leaving the forest edge and walking through the grasslands, heading south. They party decided to stealthily investigate.

As stealthily as they could manage (just one grassland fire out of control) they followed. Eventually, they saw the hooded figures enter a ring of standing stones, similar to Stonehenge. They seemed to clear a spot in the center, then started chanting. As the chanting increased, and the party approached to see what was going on, a black, impenetrable wall appeared, surrounding the stones. After some party members climbed the stones to peek over into the circle, this is what they saw…

12 black-robed and hooded figures were kneeling in a circle, chanting. By this point, the chants were loud and rapid. The ground within the circle seemed to ripple and warp. Suddenly, a dozen large, black tentacles burst out of the center of the circle, like a black twisted tree erupting from the ground. Each tentacle snatched one of the robed figures and pulled them almost instantly into the shadowy void in the center of the circle.

Instantly, they were gone. There was nothing there but cleared earth. No hole, no disturbed dirt. Simultaneously, the black veil preventing the party from seeing inside the circle shattered, sending razor sharp shards flying out of the circle in all directions. Only the few who climbed the monoliths to peek over were saved from numerous cuts and massive damage. Shortly after, they dissolved into black wisps of smoke, and vanished.

Not sure what to make of this, and finding nothing of interest left behind, the party returned north to their camp, rested, and healed.

As the party followed the road east the next day, they approached a small cabin along the road. There were multiple bodies nearby. As the party got closer, the scene became even more horrific; pieces and parts of a large group of humanoids had been murdered here, by some large beast it seemed.

As the party investigated the cabin, it looked abandoned, and in terrible disrepair. nearly half of the roof had fallen in, and rubble blocked most of the entrances. As the back was investigated, a large owlbear leapt out and attacked. There was a flurry of inept attempts to damage the beast, including lighting the cabin on fire, then the gnome cast a spell putting the owlbear to sleep. This allowed the gunslinger to approach, hold his pistol to the beast’s temple, and kill it in one fell swoop.

It was then that the party noticed something else in the cabin… a baby owlbear, about the size of a soccer ball in a large nest made of branches and detritus from the cabin. After some coaxing, the gunslinger was able to convince the tiny beast to trust him, and a wonderful friendship blossomed.

The rogue noticed some loot (go figure) in the nest, and expertly retrieved it (nearly getting caught in the burning building to do so).


That’s right. Look who almost got toasted for gold. YOU’RE WELCOME BITCHES!!


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